Going Green

I’ve talked in this blog before about the massive carbon footprint if IT activities and what we can do about it. This blog is more about your personal footprint and the affect that you’re having on the environment. It’s time to take action. You may have already started to implement things at home that help you reduce your energy bill and keep ‘green’ but what about work?

You probably spend more time in the office than you do at home. Maybe you plug away at a computer all day or print off lots and lots of paper. Over time small things like this take their toll on the environment.

Going green at work doesn’t have to be difficult and in this blog we’re going to show you 5 ways to do that today.

The commute

No one likes the commute – sitting in your expensive-to-run car in the middle of rush hour traffic. What’s to like about that? If you don’t live too far away from work though, there might be a better option.

Walking or cycling to work is a win, win, win. It’s cheaper, it keeps you fit and there’s no negative effect on the environment. Why wouldn’t you ride your bike to work?
Sure, it’ll take a little longer but after a week you’ll feel great, and your bank balance will look a little healthier.

Go paperless

Nearly every business requires notes to be taken, records to be stored and so on. All of these things are usually kept on paper, but why not consider storing them in the cloud? Modern technology means that everything that you have on paper can now be tucked safely away on the web.

It means that meeting time sheet, your payslips, the notes you took at that conference, they can all now go straight online, reducing your paper usage.

If you must use paper, print double-sided in draft mode.

Save energy

Lights, computer screens, printers, mobile phone chargers, we all leave these things plugged in or turned on in some form or another. If you aren’t using something then make sure that you turn it off.

You’d be surprised at how much energy leaving your computer monitor on standby can use. If you’re going green, switch everything off when you’re done with it.

Get everyone else in on the act

It’s all very well and good you plugging away at saving the environment but there’s probably lots more people in the office not going green. Try and persuade people to join in and offer rewards and prizes for the most inventive green methods of working.
The key here is to make going green worth your while. If you can find positives in each method (like staying fit when cycling to work) then you’ll stay motivated to keep it up.

Good luck!

Stuart Sawle

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