Education or Training?

It’s an easy category to assign to us here at Sysop – we’re an IT Training Company aren’t we? Well actually it’s not as simple as that.  Although we’re probably best well known for out ITIL® training courses – they are actually education courses.

Our PRINCE2® courses are very definitely training courses, in that you would return to your office well-equipped to use the PRINCE2 methodology to manage any project for which you are responsible. ITIL® is different. There is no doubt that following your ITIL course you will better understand the ITIL framework and recommended best practice but putting that into practice will still present major challenges.  Chief amongst these is the cultural shift you need to bring about in your organisation – and that’s where the training begins.

Training is about helping people to do things in the workplace in a particular way – equipping them with skills, purpose and methodology. You and your colleagues will need to have a common understanding of exactly how ITIL best practice is to be implemented.

A Forrester report revealed that the biggest reasons for ITIL initiatives failing is resistance to change 52%, failing to get buy-in and acceptance , the second reason was lack of business support.  The training agenda that we have developed outside of our scheduled examination courses can help you to:

• identify, recognise and agree what challenges are faced by your organisation;

• look at these challenges from the perspectives of the various stakeholders;

• identify how stakeholders are impacted by current poor practice;

• facilitate practical workshops to identify problem areas;

• discuss and agree the consequences and risks of these problem areas;

• recognise and create ‘buy-in’ to the ‘need’ to find a solution to resolve them;

• identify stakeholders that need to be involved in process improvement;

• discuss and agree the solutions required to make process improvement happen;

• provide input to ‘Continual Service Improvement’ initiatives.

The experience we gain through this “training” work, of course, adds considerable value to our educational courses. But there is no substitute for focused training delivering clear and measurable objectives.


ITIL®, PRINCE2® are Registered Trademarks of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries

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