Wrapping in the Green Blanket

I noticed the adverts on the back of two vehicles today that set me thinking about how organisations can wrap themselves in a “Green Blanket” without necessarily reducing their carbon footprint at all.

The first was a van with a decal indicating that the vehicle had been limited to 70 mph in order to reduce its carbon footprint. Given that the maximum speed allowed in this country is 70 mph then all that this company is doing is obeying the law but claiming to be extra green in the process.

The second was a large vehicle proclaiming the green virtues of being based in Northamptonshire. Simply being based in Northamptonshire as cheap and convenient the area may be doesn’t in itself reduce a carbon footprint. I’m sure the company owning the vehicle has many green initiatives of its own – but these weren’t the credentials claimed.

It’s clear that at the corporate level the green agenda is considered significant. Companies do want to be seen as eco-friendly. However, certainly as far as IT goes, cost-saving has a higher priority that carbon reduction. A recent conversation with a customer confirmed this – no investment would be made to reduce their carbon footprint if it meant higher costs.

That says that the Sysop strategy on Green IT is for the moment at least the right one. We must encourage our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce costs in the process. Once actions are in place then the momentum for carbon saving will grow exponentially.

A good starting point is the Sysop course leading to the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT. http://www.sysop.co.uk/training-courses/sustainable-it/181/green-it-foundation-course

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